Introducing the All Secure Self Storage Moving Mate. The friendlier, easier, better solution for helping you move in Taupo.

It’s incredible how even the simplest of moves can be challenging, if not frustrating. Removalists normally have minimum charges and you have to be home or available when it suits them.

We share your frustration here and believe we have a friendlier, easier and  better solution for you! The Moving Mate Trailer in Taupo is designed specifically to make any move safer, hassle free and more cost efficient than you think; especially being FREE for move ins (*conditions apply)

The features of the Moving Mate Trailer include:

• Low base with large ramp to make loading a lot easier

• Large – up to 2.2 square meters floor area with no top, perfect for a fridge or lounge suite

• Hand Trucks & trolleys available to help carry large and heavy items (*conditions apply)

• Hire by the hour, half or full day – much cheaper than a rental company;

Booking is simple, but we recommend you book in advance as they have become very popular. Pick up is easy – show us your Driver’s License, sign the Hire Agreement and your off and away.

So the next time you need to move, do it the Friendlier, Easier and Better way with the All Secure Moving Mate, you will not regret it!

Conditions of Trailer Use

  1. The complimentary trailer is offered to customers who are moving items into their storage unit or out. It can only be used to transport items in direct connection with the customer’s storage unit.
  2. Must be booked during Office Hours
  3. Electrical cord must be used at all times. Collect from office during office hours.
  4. Electrical cord must be returned to office or drop box, at end of use.
  5. We currently use a paperless trailer hire contract.
  6. The contract for each customer is valid for a calendar month. For example if the customer requires the storage on the 10th of March and the 27th of March then the original contract is valid and an additional contract is not needed. Conditions of the contract apply.
  7. We require the storage customer to fill in their details and also the driver of the trailer if this is different.
  8. We require copy of Drivers Licence if Driver of trailer is different to storer.
  9. The trailer is only able to be hired for a single 4 hour period per day unless prior arrangement.
  10. There is a $20 late fee for returning the trailer after the allocated time.
  11. Priority is given to “moving-in” storers’.
  12. It is important that the customer is aware of the Terms and Conditions on the hire contract.  The first is the insurance clause:
    • The insurance excess on the trailer is $500 regardless of who is at fault for any damage/incident.
    • The driver listed in the contract is responsible for the excess charge if it is incurred
    • The excess is $500 if the driver is under 25 years of age, and is $1000 if the driver is under 21 years. It is important when signing a customer up to the contract that the driver’s license is sighted and a scanned copy is retained by All Secure Self Storage.
    • The driver is responsible for any speeding or other traffic infringements.
    • Any damage to or by, trailer must be reported immediately to office or Duty Manager.